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What are fascias and soffits and Why Do We Need To Maintain them?

Your roofline is made up of fascias and soffits when combined forms a protective roofline barrier which helps to protect your home against the weather and importantly the rain. Fascias soffits or guttering get left unmaintained because they’re mostly out of sight which opens the door to many common water born issues such as damp.

We Supply and Install Fascias and Soffits

As a registered installer we only use the Liniar UPVC fascia’s and soffit system, which offers superb quality and offers an industry first extended guarantee on all white UPVC. Our fascia and soffits are extremely low maintenance and look great on any type of property. Unlike other roofline installers that normally clad over the old timber fascia, we offer complete replacement removing all the timbers right down to the old backboard. Replacing it with sturdy thicker 20mm UPVC board ensuring that it will never have to be replaced again. The quality of all our building plastics is paramount. Our roofline materials are mainly made up of UPVC which lasts over 100% longer than traditional timber roofline, and one of the biggest selling points of a UPVC roofline is the fact you will never need to paint them. At the very most they require a wipe down once a year to maintain and keep clean.

Key features of our Fascias & Soffits

Eaves Protection

Thousands of colours available

Full Replacement Fascia


Here are some examples of completed Fascias & Soffits. Please click on a thumbnail to view larger image.

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